Schools’s Festival 2017 – Corfu

Schools’ Festival 2017 – Kalamata
April 21, 2017
5th Patras Lyceum – Monologues
May 10, 2017

Schools’s Festival 2017 – Corfu

Corfu, 21st of March 2017.

The festival was attended by over 100 students, 7 schools, the theatre workshop for children and teenagers by DIPETHE Patras, the cooperative choir “Aerines Fones”, the Alternative Cultural Workshop of Corfu, the Shadow Theater group “koum-kou-art

Taking Part in the Festival:
Potamou Primary School,
2nd General Corfu High School,
3rd General Corfu High School,
5th General Corfu High School,
Theatre Workshop for children and teenagers by DIPETHE Corfu

With the help of the following educators: Anastasia Pilou, Maria Papagianni, Vasili Fagogeni, Nikos Papoutsis, Elena Vousolinou, Stamati Oikonomou,  Eftihia Kousta, Sofia Moumouri, Maria Anifanti, Spyros Kontostanos, Olga Koutsoukali, Evgenia Zagoura, Maria Aleksaki, Panagiotis Panagiotou, Ilias Mpourgoutzi

and the assistance of: Vicky Ganatsiou-In charge of shool activities for secondary education of Corfu and Sotiria Georgota- in charge of school activities for the primary education of Corfu join their voices creatively with the commoing goal of enabling their peers, that were forced to lose their childhood due to the war, persecutions and deprivations.


In the context of the “It could be me; It could be you” program.